31st MACB Conference 2021


Chairman Message

Chairman Message


Head of Chemical Pathology Unit
Specialist (Chemical Pathology)
Medical Lecturer

Assalamualaikum and warm greeting to all.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is a great pleasure to welcome each and every one of you to our 31st MACB virtual conference. This is the second virtual conference for MACB as we are still in the midst of COVID19 pandemic. Fortunately, with vaccination program it offers brighter hope in fighting the disease. Hoping that all of us remain strong and motivated in pursuing own target and achievements. 

Clinical laboratory practices always in the fast pace. Changes occurs in various laboratory workflows to equip with robust technology aiming in providing better health care services. The 2-day virtual conference with theme ‘Empowering Laboratory Services in Keeping with Technology Advancement’ that will be on 21st till 22nd June 2021. The event offers various interesting topics that will provide update on latest technologies, improvement in the laboratory quality and services, opportunity to learn from the experts in order to be a good laboratory professional.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the industries and corporate bodies that support this event and hoping that the event will engage and benefit various category of participant locally or internationally.

Do come and participate in the 31st MACB Conference 2021.

Thank you.

Organising Committee

AdvisorDr. Raja Elina Raja Aziddin
ChairmanDr. Munirah Md Mansor
TreasurerMdm. Chen Bee Chin (MACB)
SecretaryDr. Najwa Hayati Muzaini (Hospital Selayang)
Sponsorship and ExhibitionMdm. Rosnah Ramli (UKM)
Ms Vani A/P Munusamy (MACB)
ScientificDr Raja Elina Raja Aziddin (MACB)
Mdm. Musilawati Muhajir (HPKK)
Dr. Munirah Md Mansor (HCTM)
Dr. Badrul Amini Abd Rashid (MACB)
Dr. Dian Nasriana Nasuruddin (HCTM)
RegistrationMdm. Roziela Abu Bakar (MACB)
Mdm. Rizawati Abu (UKM)
Technical and ProtocolMr. Shamsulizmi Asmawi (UKM)
Mr. Mohd Firdaus Abdul Aziz (MACB)
Mr. Mohd Affiq Mohd Othman (UKM)
WebmasterMr. Mohd Firdaus Abdul Aziz (MACB)
Promotion Mdm Sivasangkari Supremaniam (MACB)
Mr. Nazrul Anuar Ali (UKM)
CPDMdm. Chuo Peck Ham (MACB)